Based in London in the UK, we design and handcraft one-off Fine Jewellery Art pieces in precious metals and gemstones.

With over 30 years experience in Luxury Fine Jewellery we pride ourselves in presenting our clients with unique designs tailored to the individual and passionately handcrafted to a high standard of craftsmanship in our workshop.


You can discuss your ideas and wishes for your perfect engagement ring or other piece of jewellery with us. Rosetta will interpret these ideas and present you with a pencil sketch or sketches done to scale which give you a realistic idea of the finished jewellery piece. Once approved and your budget is determined the magical process is set in motion. Andre takes the sketch and interpreting the embedded emotion with exacting attention to detail begins the manufacturing process.

You can either use your own Diamonds and Gemstones or we can source them for you at very competitive prices. We also have a selection of Gemstones to choose from.


Rosetta Citton

Rosetta has been designing jewellery for over 30 years, her work is all done free hand as she sits with her clients and brings their dream pieces to life on paper. She has the unique ability to design a piece of jewellery that matches their persona. Rosetta loves creating designs incorporating beautifully rich coloured gems, asymmetrical designs and statement pieces. She also specialises in the design of bespoke engagement and eternity rings, breathing new life into traditional designs and creating a beautiful harmony and balance.

Andre Viljoen

Andre is a Master Goldsmith and has a passion for flowing lines and beautiful coloured Gemstones and Diamonds, he is a perfectionist and enjoys symmetry and balance. Thirty years of crafting fine jewellery has enriched him with a vast knowledge of many aspects of the jewellery manufacturing process as well as understanding each gemstones' unique characteristics. His creations have brought infinite joy to many from all over the world.
Andre is a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths (FIPG).